The Bloody Sunday Trust still awaiting a response from the Apprentice Boys of Derry several days after they were issued with a request to meet.

Tony Doherty, chairperson of the Trust, said that “while we have given a guarded welcome to the recent Apprentice Boys statement, in our view there is much more to be done to restore relationships in our shared city.

“The Trust is a peace-loving and peace-making organisation. We value relationships and wish to see our city prosper and thrive.

“The events of last Saturday are clearly a set-back and we must all play our part in ensuring that the full gravity of the situation is acknowledged and understood, that the full facts of how it came about must be established, and to receive full assurances that the matter will be dealt will properly allowing for no repeat ever.

“If similar legal processes are anything to go by, the prosecution of Soldier F for the murder and attempted murder of innocent men and teenagers is unlikely to conclude for several years. It will be a difficult enough time for families which will only be made worse by demonstrations and parades, such as we witnessed last Saturday.”

“To this end the Trust is due to meet the police on Friday. We also fully expect to receive a response from the Apprentice Boys soon. We will conduct these meetings with due courtesy, dignity and respect, the cornerstones of our proud and shared city.”

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